Friday 20 April 2018

2018 Bare Root Information

Posted at 8:44 AM

                                                LANDART BARE ROOT PRICE LIST 2018
Scarlet Jewell Maple  1" $75.00
Dark green leaves turning a deep red fall color earlier than other red maples
Tight well branched with red spring flowers does well in moist soil and full sun
H 70' W 30' Native cultivar Moderate moisture
Fall Fiesta  Sugar Maple   1½" $135.00
Thick glossy green leaves turning a mix of yellow, orange, and red fall color
Fast growing upright oval form is an excellent specimen shade tree
H 65' W 30' Native cultivar Moderate moisture
Autumn Blaze Maple   1" $75.00
Our #1 selling Maple 10 years running.  Silver & Red Maple cross
Extremely fast growth rate up to 3' per year with fiery red fall color
H 50' W 30' Thrives in most soil types and moisture levels
Autumn Blaze  Maple    1½" $115.00
2003 & 2004 Urban Tree of the Year 
Rarely flowers in Spring resulting in a near seedless Maple specimen
Hardy to Zone 3 and Low Maintenance
Hot Wings  Maple  4' $45.00
Superior small ornamental tree that grows in harsh conditions
Spring bloom followed by brilliant red seeds and excellent fall colors
H 15' W 15' Disease resistant and  drought tolerant
Ohio Buckeye    1½" $75.00
Neatly rounded tree with dense foliage and Unique palmate leaves
One of the earliest trees to leaf out in Spring  producing Buckeyes
H 20' W 20' Full  to Part Sun with moist soil
Heritage River Birch    4'  multi stem $45.00
Valued for rapid growth and unique peeling bark on spreading limbs
Tolerant of wet to dry soils making it an adaptable landscape tree
H 50' W' 40 Yellow fall color
Highland Poplar   1" $45.00
Rapid growing Cottonless poplar with dark glossy green leaves
Smaller than most poplar making it a perfect residential tree
H 45' W 20' Full Sun 
Majestic Skies Northern Pin Oak   6' $70.00
Symetrical growth with outstanding  pyramidal form holds deep green leaves
Rich red fall color with rusty brown leaves lasting through winter
H 60' W 45' Full Sun  Well drianed soil
Bur Oak   1" $70.00
Distinguished corky bark with deep lobed leaves Large  growing tree
Low wide spread branching with yearly acorn productiuon
H 80' W 50' Great soil adaptabilty Full Sun
Weeping Willow   1" $45.00
Graceful weeping form of golden colored branching
One of the fastest growing trees 
H 50'  W 40'  Tolerant of Wet soils
Redmond Linden   1¼" $75.00
Cultivar of native American Basswood with Upright Oval form
Easy to grow excellent shade tree with fragrant spring flowering
H 50' W 30' Full Sun  Well drianed soil
Small ornamental & Flowering Trees
Caragana  Weeping Pea   4' $75.00
Small ornamental with weeping branches and yellow flower
Great focal accent with yellow fall color
H 5' W 3' drought tolerant
Pagoda Dogwood    5' $45.00
Unique horizontal branching with a tiered habit
Excellent Native plant for ornamental landscape use
H 20' W 20' Shade tolerant Moist soil
Snowbird Hawthorn   6' $45.00
Fragrant double white flower on small vase shape tree
Excellent for small home landscapes, does produce thorns
H 12' W 10' adaptive to both wet and dry soil conditions
Hydrangea Quick Fire tree  4' $60.00
Early blooming hydrangea summer through fall
Large white blossoms turning pink to rosy red as season passes
H 6' W 6' Full Sun  Any soil conditions
Hydrangea Vanilla Strawberry  tree   4' $60.00
Award winning hydrangea with multi colored XL Blooms
Vibrant white to pink color begin in July and last into fall
H 7' W 5' Full Sun  Fast Growing
Red Splendor Crab pink   1" $50.00
Red tinted green leaves turning purple in fall
Red buds opening to light pink blossoms
H 20' W 10' Full Sun  Well drained soil
Ruby Tears Weeping Crab    5' $65.00
Burgundy foliage on weeping branches adds season long interest
Pink blossoms followed by dark red fruit
H 10' W 12' Full Sun 
Show Time  Crab   7' $50.00
Dark green foliage with persistent fruit for birds
Heavy bloomer with striking bright fuscia flowers
H 20' W 15' Vigorous grower  Full Sun
Snowdrift Crab white   7'  $50.00
Red buds opening to clear white blossoms
Masses of Large red fruit and yellow fall color
H 15' W 20'  very dependable bloomer
Snowdance Japanese Tree Lilac1¼" $95.00
Remarkably heavy bloomer occurs annually
Dark glossy leaves with creamy white flowers in June
H 18' W 20' Full Sun  Low maintenance
Viburnum  Homefree  Tree   6' $50.00
White Spring flowers with blue fruit for wildlife
Versatile Native cultivar for Small Landscape use
H 12' W 8' Sun to Shade  Wet to Dry
Dogwood Baton Rouge   2' $20.00
Compact habit with vivid red stems with white spring flowers and fruit
H 4' W 4' Full Sun Moist soil
Compact Burning Bush   2' $20.00
Glowing red fall color dense compact growth habit
H 6' W 6' Full Sun Moderate growth rate
Hydrangea  Limelight   2' $20.00
Chartreuse blooms mid summer turning pink in fall
H 6' W 6' Full Sun Large landscape shrub
Fine Line  Buckthorn   2' $20.00
Interesting texture with narrow form Non Invasive
H 5' W 2' Great vertical accent
White Snowberry   2' $20.00
Small white shaped bell flowers followed by white fruit in summer
H 4' W 3' Under used true Wisconsin Native Sun to Shade
Dwf Korean Lilac   2' $20.00
Compact round shape with heavy light purple flowers
H 5' W 5' Full Sun
Tinkerbelle Lilac    2' $20.00
Deep pink blossoms are very fragrant
H 5' W 5' Full Sun
American Cranberrybush   2' $20.00
Maple like foliage with white lace cap flowers in Spring and red fruit
H 8' W 8' Native  Shade tolerant
Cortland Apple    $35.00
Mid - Late Season Eating & Baking
Fireside Apple    $35.00
Mid - Late Season Eating & Baking
Honeycrisp Apple    $35.00
Mid - Late Season Eating & Baking
Honeygold Apple    $35.00
Mid - Late Season Eating & Baking
McIntosh Apple    $35.00
Mid - Late Season Eating & Baking
Wolf River Apple    $35.00
Mid - Late Season Baking & Drying
Pipestone Plum    $35.00
April / July Eating
Waneta Plum    $35.00
April / August Eating
Mesabi Cherry    $35.00
Self Fertile Eating & Baking
Bluecrop Blueberry    $10.00
Mid Season Eating & Baking & Jelly
Patriot Blueberry    $10.00
Early Season Eating & Baking & Jelly
Bluebell Grape $10.00
June /  September Table & Juice & Jelly
Latham Raspberry  $5.00
June/July Eating & Baking & Jelly