Thursday 12 March 2015

Bare Root 2016

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Bare Root 2016

LandArt is happy to FINALLY announce the start to our Annual Bare Root season.  The fully stocked “bare root shed” is a welcomed sight to our loyal customers and dedicated gardeners from all around the area.   For those who are unfamiliar with what Bare Root plant material is all about, let’s run through some of the basics.
There is no reason to be intimidated or influenced by misinformation when it comes to this subject.  Bare Root plants are simply dug while they are dormant during the previous fall and shipped early the following spring without any soil around the root system. The plant is relatively oblivious to this process  and readily roots itself upon breaking dormancy.   This method allows for a jump start to the Spring planting season because the only requirement is that your planting site is not frozen solid.  If you can dig the hole, it is safe to plant.   And unfortunately this year that has  taken a while.  
 There are several advantages to bare root plants that have led to them to become more and more popular with avid gardeners and ambitious  Do-It-Yourself homeowners ….

  • A larger, more visible root system.   Without a container or burlap ball, the entire root system is exposed allowing you to see what you are getting.   Bare Root plants are capable of possessing a root system that is nearly 200% more massive than other plants of a similar size grown in a container.
  • Significantly lower cost to the customer.  Without extra labor and materials (i.e. plastics, soil, fertilizer) Bare Root plants cost less and in most cases are actually larger.  This makes planting in large quantities easier on the pocket book.
  • Easier and better planting.   The absence of soil leads to a light weight and easy to transport plant.  The lack of soil lets you see the exact location of the root flare, a point that is critical in planting success.  The root flare should be positioned slightly above the ground to avoid suffocation of the roots.

So if the thought of less work, at a lower cost, with better results peaks your interest, please visit Land Art’s retail outlet this Spring to see what advantages Bare Root can bring to your homes landscape.
Please be encouraged to contact us at the following with any questions, comments,  or concerns.
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